Our Story

Image by Shelby Ireland

Cultivating Wellness Through Nature

Nestled in the beach town of Santa Cruz is Herbal Cruz, your beach surfer's favorite cannabis dispensary. Attracting locals and tourists, Herbal Cruz found its home in the NoCal town in 2014. Over the years, Herbal Cruz has grown to be a local favorite and serves as the pit stop for all things Cannabis. 

Herbal Cruz prides itself on being the dispensary with the a wide selection of Cannabis needs. Whether a patron is seeking something for pain, recreation or simply trying something new, Herbal Cruz is always ready to provide the best service to our community.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is classified by three groups of plants, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis. The flowers are harvested and dried to make the products you see on your local dispensary shelves. 

Other commonly known names for the plant are weed, pot, marijuana and ganja. Cannabis is consumed for medical and recreational purposes. Some are prescribed to treat things such as anxiety and chronic pain.

Image by Christina Winter